You Know the Party’s Over

When the decorations start falling off.

Basketball Girl did such a fabulous job decorating our house and barn for our silver anniversary that I almost wish we could have another big party to enjoy them again. Or at least leave them up until next Christmas. Unfortunately, blue painter’s tape and mylar don’t seem to be a very happy marriage, and our sparkly house is starting to look a little droopy.

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2 thoughts on “You Know the Party’s Over

  1. Debbie Moore

    You must live in a wonderful place–I see flowers outside and green grass! Somehow, this scene does not fit with Christmas decorations . . . a Midwest devotee (not by choice).

  2. Christine

    Yes, it’s true — I live in Northern California, where spring arrives in early February. Our daffodils are coming up and the crocuses look like they’re just about to bloom. But I’m jealous of all of you who have just gotten a couple of feet of snow!


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