Why My House is a Mess, Part 2 of 10,000

Kind of knocks your eye out, doesn’t it?  This is a nine-patch quilt pieced by the kids in Sunny’s handwork class at school. My job was to find a way to quilt it that would maximize its virtues and minimize the technical unevenness caused by being sewn by so many different hands.

I chose a large stipple (this choice made easier by the fact that a stipple is the only machine quilting design I can really do.) The advantage of a stipple in a situation like this is that you can veer off in any direction and tack down a seam that seems to need a little extra stabilizing. Also, your own mistakes aren’t terribly visible. I used a lightweight polarfleece as a backing.  To my surprise, the quilting came out really well, with no puckers on the back.

The quilt will be given to a Navajo family that Sunny’s class will visit on their class trip in a couple of weeks. I hope they like bright colors!

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2 thoughts on “Why My House is a Mess, Part 2 of 10,000

  1. ruthmary

    Who wouldn’t like to receive this!? I love scrap quilts and have plastic tubs into which I toss strips from finished projects, and those of clients whose quilts I trim after quilting on my long arm. These are really scrappy because of all the different peoples’ fabric choices mixed together. And I’ve loved every one of the quilts I made.
    And isn’t fleece a great quilt back? No need for a 3rd layer of fabric.


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