Things You Never Thought You’d Feel Good About

I’m quite relieved that the dead crow that’s been lying on the top of my minivan all afternoon finally fell off without my having to touch it.  It fell off into the driveway of Sunny’s high school and was promptly run over by a giant white SUV.  How did it get there in the first place, you ask? I have no idea.

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2 thoughts on “Things You Never Thought You’d Feel Good About

  1. Pat

    I went out on the patio a couple of days ago and found a dead bird floating in my fountain. Did it fall in and drown? One of those little mysteries that will never be solved. I had to dispose of it, and empty/refill the fountain…an hour-long process. All for one bird.

  2. mary

    I almost had to put in an emergency call for your expertise the other day when there was a dead rat in my driveway! Nature, however, took it’s course in the dark of night, and the rat was gone in the morning. Mary


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