Things that Annoy My Husband, Part 5 of 1,000,000

When he drives an hour and a half to a business conference and spends all day struggling to stay awake while he listens to boring speakers (I actually made that part up, but I’m also sure it’s true), but then WINS A KINDLE FIRE in a raffle, only to get home and find out that he’s not allowed to keep it because it’s worth more than his company’s $50 limit on gifts.

This is actually more tragic than funny, but I seem to be on a sorrowful streak ever since our vacuuming robot ate up a whole roll of toilet paper.

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5 thoughts on “Things that Annoy My Husband, Part 5 of 1,000,000

  1. Christine Post author

    No, he has to give it back. No one gets to keep it. That’s why this is such a sad story — because he can’t give it to ME.

  2. Paul

    Who ends up with it, then? When you say “give it back” does that mean he has to track down the raffler and give it to them?

    Can he smash it to pieces and give them back? Nothing like some 3 year old behavior now and then.

  3. Paul

    Even better: he can scratch up the back and put some small scratches on the screen. Then its value will drop precipitously, and you can keep it.

    1. Christine

      I think of myself as a fairly hostile sort, but I’m always impressed with the ingenuity of your hostile impulses, Paul. He had to give it back to the raffler, but the conference was still going on and this wasn’t too difficult. But the evilly creative solutions you came up with never even occurred to us. I think he just slunk back and handed it over.


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