Things that Annoy My Husband — Part 4 of 1,000,000

  1. When there are so many police cars and cops on our little dead-end street to arrest our neighbors that he can’t get through to our driveway and has to park half a block away.
  2. When our other neighbor (by coincidence, recently released from jail herself) takes up too much of his time by complaining about all the crime in the neighborhood caused by the neighbors whose arrests just blocked the street.
On a completely unrelated topic, here’s some advice for any would-be criminals who read this blog:
  1. If you want to put a threatening object on someone else’s property, wear ¬†gloves to make and transport the object. In light of your previous dozen arrests, it’s a pretty good bet that the police have your fingerprints.
  2. If you want to break into a car on the street, it’s a lot easier to simply reach in the car window that is already open and has a garbage bag taped over it , instead of trying to break the windshield by hitting it with a tire iron.

Just sayin’.

Yes, we do live in the big city. You’d never guess that when we look out our windows, all we can see is grassy hills and cows.


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6 thoughts on “Things that Annoy My Husband — Part 4 of 1,000,000

  1. Christine Post author

    You also have to wonder what objects of value might still be in a car that has been on the street for months with its window wide open.

    1. Christine Post author

      The story has definitely been redacted to avoid neighborhood conflict. You’ll have to apply to my husband for further details. (Worth telling, though.)

  2. Megan Scott

    So happy you are back to posting again! I was beginning to think your husband had entered a state of advanced enlightenment and was beyond getting annoyed anymore.

    1. Christine Post author

      No chance of that! Because our life is very annoying. But a lot of it involves our teenagers, so I can’t post about it here.


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