The Simple Life

Here’s the laundry line at a Pennsylvania Amish farm I visited with my stepmother this week.  The woman of the house, in addition to having seven children and running a farmhouse, operates a quilting business and had dozens of (all hand-quilted!) quilts piled on beds and ready to sell.  They were made by her, her sister, her friends, and her relatives.

This little postage stamp quilt was one of the few she had that resembled a traditional Amish quilt, with its dark solids and simple design. Most of what the ladies make is aimed at outsiders like my stepmother and me, and they are buying printed quilting fabrics from regular quilt stores because that’s what their market likes.

The quilt lady’s mother made this one, which she called Japanese puzzle.

We don’t have much of an autumn in northern California, so it brought back memories of my midwestern childhood to see the leaves drifting down from the trees and the bright colors of the eastern woods.

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2 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. mary

    I love clotheslines in general. And driving around the farms in Amish country is sooooo meditative for me. I just got back from New England – loved the leaves and the occasional heavy rains.


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