The Big Summer Project

Speakers 9 2013

What are these? you maybe asking yourself. No, they aren’t canoes. They aren’t coffins. (Although they are nearly big enough to hold a fairly small person.) They are the kind of obsessive project that results when you go to a friend’s for a disco party and see that he has a really cool D.J. sound board right there in his living room, plus a HUGE set of speakers that can blast all of his guests into the next county, and you decide you really need something like that for your home theater, because the many speakers you already have just aren’t LOUD ENOUGH.

This starts you off on months of intensive work. It’s challenging and sometimes frustrating, especially since your speakers aren’t just dull rectangular boxes. They have curved sides, which makes them much harder to build but also more interesting to work on and to look at.

The work is almost over now. The shaping and cutting and drilling and sanding are through. The paint has gone on and pretty soon it will be time to see how they actually sound.

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