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Gingerbread Homeless Hut II

This year’s gingerbread house solved some, but by no means all, of the engineering issues we encountered with last year’s gingerbread house.  We learned to bake the pieces for hours and hours until they are stiff as bricks, which solved the problem of having the walls slowly fold up and collapse in the middle.  But we still haven’t managed the trick of making our frosting/mortar strong enough so the walls will bear the weight of the roof and chimney.  Hence the design of this year’s house, which has a flat roof, a handy ramp made from the extra shingles, and odd pieces of chimney lying around randomly as if the house has been hit by a small tornado. One thing hasn’t changed:  it really tastes good!

End of the Affair

Farewell, Gingerbread Homeless Hut.  It was great while it lasted–really, we liked you a lot–but now that we’ve eaten you up, we don’t have much more use for you.

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