She’s Come Undone

Doll 10 2013

This is my old doll, Mary. I was quite young when my mother bought me and my sister matching dolls with real human hair. She made us girls matching velvet dresses and made little matching dresses for our dolls, too. The dress is long gone, but I still remember it clearly — an early-sixties style in reddish-salmon velvet with a little crocheted lace at the neck.

One of my early life traumas was discovering that our badly behaved dog, Shep, had sneaked up the stairs where he was forbidden to go and chewed on Mary’s foot and the back of her head. Her injuries were quite severe. You can see a tooth mark on her foot in the photo. I never felt the same about dolls after that.

Fast foward to this year. Mary has resurfaced. I decided that she deserved better than to lie around in a cloth tote bag in pieces. So it was off to the doll hospital to get her put back together.

Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea I did, because it takes several months for the doll surgeon to get the job done. I’m currently waiting to see how Mary looks with all her limbs and her hair restyled. I’ll post photos when she comes back from the hospital. I think I’ll spring for a new outfit, too, so she can face the future fully clothed.

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4 thoughts on “She’s Come Undone

  1. Mary

    When your Mary is recovered maybe she would like to get together with my Becky and Liz. They haven’t been out in a while……

  2. Mary

    Poor darling! There is no doubt that she resurfaced so she can be spruced up and dressed. I’m quite sure she was tired of lying around naked and cold for so long. Make her a pretty modern outfit and put her in a safe, cozy place. She will thank you for both.

    1. Christine Post author

      Mary, you remind me that I need to check in with the doll hospital and find out how the surgery is coming. And yes, she needs a nice new outfit. I’m afraid the ones my mother made are long gone, although they are still very clear in my memory.


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