Seeing Red

Here’s the quilt I just finished making for my aunt, who is in the hospital. She told me her favorite colors are red, black, and autumn colors. I hope I got the colors right for her:

I made this quilt in sections, quilted each section, and assembled the quilted sections at the end. It makes the quilt a little lumpy along the joins between sections, but it’s certainly easier to handle the sections than a whole bulky quilt all at once.

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4 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. mary

    I like it too, the splash of yellow, the black narrow border. Definitely will make a focal point in the hospital to draw people to her, though I hope she isn’t in very long. Mary

  2. Kevin

    Every time she looks at it, or touches it, she may also have a feeling of being cared for and a little less alone in the world. It’s a beautiful gift.

  3. Pamela

    I certainly think of you with gratitude each time I pull up my quilt (evey night now it’s really autumn). Thanks for the beautiful quilt, Christine. I’m glad you’re still making them for so many fortunate people.


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