Season’s End

Cheering 3 2013

It’s goodbye to cheerleading for the year (at least to wearing the cute uniform and going to games. Tumbling torture practice goes on year round.) The high school boys basketball team lost in the semifinal round of the state championship, going down to a hated rival by three painful points in overtime. It broke my heart to watch it. The girls’ team made it to the state championship finals, but also lost to the southern district champions. Ouch!

This photo shows Basketball Girl just before the girls’ final game, when everything was still possible.

This year was our first encounter with the modern sport of cheerleading, and I have to say I liked it. I feel so much better about seeing my daughter sacked out on the couch in front of Netflix when I know she just did a hundred pushups and situps at tumbling practice. Basketball Girl has found something she excels at if she works hard. Now if only some of that strenuous exercise would rub off on me.

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2 thoughts on “Season’s End

  1. Nancy

    So cute! It’s great that they cheer for the girl’s teams as well as for the boys! Now, if only the cheer team itself was co-ed!?!

    1. Christine Post author

      The team was coed — one guy who was a great tumbler. But he is going to graduate, so I don’t know what will happen next year. And they don’t usually cheer for the girls’ teams, which I think is a real shame. But when the girls were in the state championships, it would have been pretty bad not to cheer for them.


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