What I’m Making This Christmas

I’ve always liked making little animals and dolls. This year I’ve made a few little woolly guys like the one above (cat? bear? bearcat? who knows?) for my older daughter’s eighth grade class to sell as Christmas presents at school.

I’ve also made a few postcards like this one, which are really just an excuse to use a lot of glitter glue. If you’d like to make one, see my fabric postcard instructions at Suite101.com. Then I made a whole pile of pouches, which I make because for some reason I really like to make bags and pouches. I like to make them a lot more than anybody likes to get them. The girls much prefer wrapping paper that has to be laboriously (and badly, in my case) wrapped around the present, then picked up again and recycled after it’s torn off. But wouldn’t you rather get your gift in something like this?  It even has its own little jingle bell.

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