Running Over Another Parenting Milestone

After many months of resistance, Sunny finally got her learner’s permit and has been taking driving lessons from Bob’s Defensive Driving School. (Note to driving schools: putting the word “Defensive” in your name certainly makes you more attractive to parents.) After just a couple of lessons and a few practice sessions in the Target parking lot with my heroic husband, she’s undergone a complete change of heart and now wants to drive anywhere and any time she possibly can. In a few more months she’ll be fully mobile, and I’ll start counting down to the end of my days as chief pilot of the family minivan.

Her driving teacher introduced us to two concepts that pretty much sum up my view of parenting teenagers: “not getting too friendly” and “not having adventures.”  As in, “Let’s not get too friendly with those cars parked at the curb,” and “Let’s not have any adventures with the other drivers on the freeway.” Exactly. If they can arrive at college age without getting too friendly or having too many adventures with any of the multifarious temptations they run across, I will be able to wipe my sweaty brow and heave a huge sigh of relief.

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