One Reason Why I Love the Catholic Schools

This past weekend, Basketball Girl’s volleyball team went to their first-ever tournament. Here they are, warming up for their first game. (That’s her in the pink. Yes, she’s now a blonde.)

Sitting in the stands, I noticed that the team from St. Clement’s had made good-luck posters for every single team that took part in the tournament. They must have spent hours making them and putting them up all around the gym. Here are a few of the posters:

Wasn’t that thoughtful?

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4 thoughts on “One Reason Why I Love the Catholic Schools

      1. Christine Post author

        I really only like watching sports live, and then only basketball and volleyball. Golf definitely seems it would be more fun to DO than to watch.

  1. Christine Post author

    I don’t know about the boys. This event was all girls, all the time. It does seem like a girl thing, though. Some of the teams even split up into two groups after they were knocked out of the tournament and each group cheered for one team in the match that was going on at the moment.


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