One Guess Where I’ve Been

A place where giant cows stand by the side of the road. Where every menu features bratwurst. (There’s a lot of corn, too.) Yes, I’ve been in Wisconsin for my family’s biannual reunion in Elkhart Lake.  My father’s family has been going there in the summers for close to a hundred years. This year, an 18-month old attendee was the first member of the sixth generation to carry on the tradition.

Before we went to Wisconsin, we spent a day in visiting Chicago, which looked like this:

That’s actually the bean sculpture in Millennium Park downtown.

We spent a few hours in the world-famous Art Institute, where the art left the girls largely unmoved.  My personal favorite was this Troll Nativity (not its actual name.)

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2 thoughts on “One Guess Where I’ve Been

  1. Lisa

    Wisconsin was TOTALLY my guess without even scrolling past the cow! The trolls are slightly disturbing…

  2. mary

    I happen to like cows, and can feel the green! It is hot and dry here. Why the trolls, no one ever looked like that did they?


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