The Old, Old Towel

So I was folding laundry this morning and came to the decision that it’s ALMOST time to retire the beach towel we got on our honeymoon in Mexico. (Nearly 28 years ago.) We still use that towel all the time as a bath towel, and it fits right in with my motley collection of linens from the thrift store, from department stores in Korea, where we lived for a couple of years, and from various online merchants. (All in different colors and patterns, of course.)

Giving up objects associated with our wedding still causes me a bit of a pang. We’ve broken a few of our wedding presents and given away a few, like the hand-forged black iron candlestick with weird curlicues that made it look like a badly made ninja weapon, but I’m quite fond of the survivors. The old towel has a happy killer whale and some assorted sea creatures cavorting under the palms. It’s getting a little frayed at the edges but still works perfectly well as a towel.

Hmmm… think I might just put it back in the linen closet for now.

Do you have something old and tattered that you still hang onto either because you love it or because it’s just so comfortable?

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3 thoughts on “The Old, Old Towel

  1. Mary

    Ahhh…..Let’s see, I think it would be the first beach towel I bought at Price Club when I moved to SD. That was 1981. I have assorted ‘for ole times sake’ kitchen and tool items as well. Oh well, not headed for the one room in the care facility yet! M

  2. Christine Post author

    Your towel beats our towel by three years! I did reluctantly get rid of my great-grandmother’s hopelessly dull old knives.


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