My New Talons

Basketball Girl really, really wishes I would be a more fashionable mom. Today she gave me a new set of zebra-striped sparkly fingernails. It’s a lot harder to type with them, but I am much more glamorous (until they come unglued and fall off.)

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3 thoughts on “My New Talons

  1. Pat

    I was having my nails done the other day and a woman walked in and asked for her toenails to be painted orange with black tips. Then she asked the girl to paint black spiders on the nails of her big toes, which she did. They were adorable little spiders. I looked at my newly painted, mauve fingers and toes and thought, “Meh.”
    Your stripey look is very classy, but you need something a little more outre for Halloween, don’t you think?


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