My Family Heirloom

One of my prize possessions is the recipe box that contains this card.  This is my great-grandmother’s cinnamon bread recipe, hand-written by my mother, who died more than ten years ago. I make the cinnamon bread every year at Christmas and Easter. There are other cards in the box in my grandmother’s handwriting, and lots of old recipes that came from who knows where.

I didn’t find my mother easy to get along with, but one place we were always at home together was in the kitchen.

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5 thoughts on “My Family Heirloom

  1. Charlotte Groth

    hi! I love this recipe..I’d like to make it. Could you please post the rest of the instructions? I really want to try this..and add it to my collection.

    Thank you!

    Charlotte Groth

    1. Christine Post author

      Give me a few days to dig it up, Charlotte, and then I will post the whole thing. I have an old post somewhere on this blog that gives the instructions for how to make the bread — I’ll look for that too and post a link.


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