More Adventures with Fabric Stiffener

The first time I ever tried [amazon_link id=”B00178QQ02″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]fabric stiffener[/amazon_link], I used it to make these fabric snowflakes rigid enough so I could hang them in a garland in the window for Christmas.

The garland was a big success (well, I liked it, anyway.)  

Now I’ve put my bottle of Aleene’s stiffener to work on a related project: turning vintage crocheted doilies into hangable “snowflakes.” The thrift store always has lots of doilies like these. They break my heart because they were obviously made with so much love and so many tiny stitches that must have taken so much time, and now they’re for sale for ninety-nine cents on a rack next to the bathrooms.

I’m not sure what doilies were used for in the good old days, but people don’t seem to have much use for them today. I hate to see something ¬†beautiful and handmade go to waste, so I tried the fabric stiffener on these two doilies which had been taking up space in my sewing room for — oh, years!

It worked beautifully! I hung them both in the window and they looked great — not like snowflakes, exactly, but beautiful anyway.

Now I have one daughter who loves these and wants me to do some more so she can hang them up in her room, and one daughter who thinks I’m out of my mind for taking an interest in such crappy old junk.

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2 thoughts on “More Adventures with Fabric Stiffener

  1. mary

    they went under vases to protect tables, on the arms and backs of chairs to gather grease and preserve the furniture forever, they exhibited creative talents of women whose whole focus was home management and display. Sometimes they ever turned into tablecloths and bedspreads, maybe gloves, a purse. Now where they got their time is my question!!!!!

  2. Christine Post author

    These seem too open and airy to be much good as vase or furniture protectors. I definitely agree about showing off the creative talents, though. I think women had time in the evenings when there wasn’t so much else to do in the age before always-on cable TV.


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