Just Because it’s Beautiful

I went to a couple of quilt shows this weekend, and as usual saw that just about every other quilter in the world is better at quilting than I am. Look at this detail of a quilt by Judy Mathieson, who was the featured artist at the first show I visited, and you’ll see what I mean. You can see some of her other quilts here.

But you know what? I don’t care. For me, quilting is all about the joy of fabric, and about recklessly combining colors and patterns into something that might turn out looking great, but will definitely be warm and cuddly. I make mistakes and sew right over them without regret. I’m glad there are Judy Mathiesons in the world to make quilts so precisely cut and sewn, so masterfully designed and so beautifully quilted that my breath catches a little when I see them, but I’m glad to be throwing together my own slapdash creations too.

Right now I’m in the finishing stages of making a rag quilt as a thank-you gift for one of the families that so generously hosted Sunny and me on our trip to Germany this summer. Here it is at its current stage of construction:

I hope they like blue and green!

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2 thoughts on “Just Because it’s Beautiful

  1. Sunny

    I love your quilts. I can’t wait until it gets cold again, so I can put the quilt you made for me on my bed 🙂 That’s a really gorgeous one.


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