It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

And Marcus has chosen a new favorite place to hang out, on the corner of the sheet we put on the floor under the Christmas tree. I’m not sure if he’s waiting to get a Christmas present or whether he considers himself to be a Christmas present. Probably both.

I’m having to fight Sunny for possession of my cutting table. I don’t know how many of these bows she made before she declared herself finished and moved on to hand-stitching decorative details on shirts she bought at the thrift store. As for me, I am making lots and lots of fabric gift bags, baking cookies, stringing Christmas lights, and wrestling with an update of my blogs.Sunny Xmas 2012 Thumbnail

I’m delaying the dreaded moment when I have to take my chilled sugar cookie dough out of the refrigerator and roll it out into a flat sheet to be cut into shapes with cookie cutters. This never goes well for me.  I’m not great with pie crusts, either.

Basketball Girl and I went to the grocery store to get sprinkles for the cookies and had to force ourselves not to buy the sprinkles in the shape of little white bones, which might not create the right effect on our tree-shaped cookies. I removed the giant black Halloween spider that was still hanging outside our front window. But it didn’t go far. It is now crouching cheerily on the ground by the front door, next to the last of our miniature Halloween pumpkins, because why put away a decoration when you can press it into service for the next holiday? Every house needs a Black Widow Spider of Christmas.

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