Hey, These Would be Really Great with Some Haggis!

These are some elderly beets I found petrifying in the refrigerator the other day and pressed into service for dinner, to my family’s great disgust. The worst moment of my day comes every afternoon around three o’clock, when I realize that I have allowed yet another day to go buy without going to the grocery store or figuring out what to have for dinner. If there’s a genetic advantage to being the kind of person who’s incapable of organizing anything more than a few minutes ahead of time, I’d really like to know what it is.

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2 thoughts on “Hey, These Would be Really Great with Some Haggis!

  1. Nancy

    Did my petrified old beets teleport from the back of our vegetable drawer to yours? Nothing says lovin’ like a petrified old beet in the oven.


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