Here’s a Guy with Really Great Taste

Let’s stipulate right up front that my Facebook profile picture is a cartoon. My daughter Sunny made it for me several years ago when I didn’t want to post my photo all over the Internet. (It’s also my profile photo on this blog.) It’s a cartoon, I might add, that has two left feet, because she didn’t notice that in real life I actually have two different feet.

In light of all that, I was pretty flattered when I got this message on Facebook today:

“Hello, sincerely speaking, your looks are everything i seek in a woman, you are the definition of simplicity, what will it take for a man of my kind to be accepted in the world of a lady like yourself? i truly and honestly want to know you, what are your hobbies, what are your greatest wishes in life, i really have loads and load of questions to ask, but i think its fair enough if i should talk about myself first, i am XXX X XXXX, Italian American, a widower, i own a shipping agency but its a small one cause we just started, i like to cook, read books, watch movies in my living room, maybe i would prefer the cinema if i had someone in my life, i wanna say so much but just don’t know where to begin, please please and please, write back to me soon, i sincerely wanna keep in touch with you. thanks”

Thanks, Internet! Serving up absurdity 24/7.


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