Heart Crib Quilt

I’m what you would call a timid machine quilter. I’ve spent a number of years stuck on basically one style of machine quilting: stippling, a random pattern that produces an end result that looks like puzzle pieces.

This quilt represents my first foray into free-motion hearts and loop-the-loops, neither of which you can see very well because I used thread the same color as the fabric, reasoning that¬† if I ran into a quilting disaster, my mistakes would remain fairly invisible.¬† I was happy enough with the results that I donated the quilt to Basketball Girl’s school to auction off at the school’s annual Crab Feed.

This quilt took at least a couple of years to go from top to finished quilt, but it’s done and out the door!

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4 thoughts on “Heart Crib Quilt

  1. mary

    So sweet. I admire your focus to get these things done. I am so behind with intended projects and purchased fabric and yarn Mary

  2. Christine Post author

    I’m really pushing to get my unfinished projects done this year so I can make some space in my work room. Now that I’ve gathered all my fabric in one place and see how MUCH I have, I’m trying to use up as much as I can without buying much that’s new. But somehow every project demands something I just… don’t… have!

  3. mary

    I always think I will make cards from the photos I like, but haven’t done it yet. this would make a beautiful valentine’s card! Mary


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