Handmade Gone Bad, Christmas Edition

Something about Christmas brings out the Handmade Gone Bad spirit in a way I’ve never seen at any other season.  Maybe it’s because Christmas provides such a wealth of leftover materials to spark the creative imagination. Here are a few finds from our latest thrift store visit:

The Tinsel Tower of Terror:

Mr. Snowman and his wrapping-paper Christmas tree:

And these matching wreaths, which seem to be made from indoor/outdoor carpet:

Need something cute to do with all the crap you find on the floor after everyone opens their presents? Here’s an idea:

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3 thoughts on “Handmade Gone Bad, Christmas Edition

  1. mary

    I was just watching a movie, and what did I see in the background but a BOTTLE TREE!! And it was not a Christmas scene, and it wasn’t a pear tree for liqueur. May warrant some research. M

  2. mary

    There IS a whole history of bottle trees that goes back to Alladin and before. They trap evil spirits that are traveling in the wind. I guess that is what it means when people say it is a “safe house” Must have a bottle tree in the yard. Mary

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