Great Moments in the Annals of Romance Novel Plotting

What would you do if you were a rich, handsome tycoon who gets hit by a car while walking across the street and receives a visit in the hospital from the mousy secretary you think  was driving the car that hit you (who wasn’t really the driver, but pretends she is to protect her brother-in-law, who WAS driving?)

Would you insist that she let you move into her tiny apartment so she can spend the next month taking care of you?  Of course you would!  And would you then decide the next day to abandon all your usual tycoonery to force her to take you on a driving tour of the country inns of Scotland? Naturally!  Wouldn’t any rich, handsome tycoon do the same?

I can’t tell you how this book turns out in the end because it’s lost somewhere in the bowels of my minivan, but I do have to admire the author’s ingenuity.

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