Great Moments in Christmas Crafting

My friend Leticia gave me some cheery animal fabric she found at a yard sale, and I decided to use it as part of my annual gift bag-making extravaganza. I must have been more careless than usual when I cut the fabric, because I ended up making two gift bags that prominently feature animal rear ends. There’s the right-side-up version:

And even the upside-down version, in which the animal seems to be lying with its legs up in the air like the back half of a carcass (how festive!):

Talk about some really special gift wrapping! I was almost embarrassed until I realized that this could be the start of a whole new, hostile Christmas tradition.

“You’ve been very naughty this year, so you get your lump of coal in the ANIMAL’S REAR END bag!” (The actual words might be a bit ruder, but this is a family blog.)

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