Goodbye to Purple

Here it is — the very last of the many quilts I’ve made from the purple squares I bought way back when I first started quilting. Using up my old fabric is part of the concerted effort I’m making to give my sewing room that empty, Zen feeling I always admire so much in someone else’s house. This is surprisingly hard to achieve. ¬†For a serial project-starter like me, it’s probably impossible. But we can dream, can’t we?

I love purple, but it’s time for a change.


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3 thoughts on “Goodbye to Purple

  1. Christine Post author

    This was actually one of my least favorite purple quilts while I was working on it, because I had used up most of my favorite fabrics and was down to the dregs, like a purple-green-orange haunted house Halloween fabric. But I was bound and determined to use everything.


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