Goodbye, Kitty Cat Hat

Years ago, I found a baseball cap covered with insanely bright kitty cat fabric at the thrift store. I bought it over my daughters’ strenuous protests and wore for hiking or around town — anywhere I needed to make a fashion statement, really. It was one of my favorite thrift shop finds. I wore it for years.

Basketball Girl recently  bought me a new Oakland Raiders hat but insisted that I must promise to get rid of the kitty cat cap. I consigned it sadly to the giveaway pile.

Where my nephew Peter saw it. “I’ll take that!” he said. “That hat is cool!”

I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t. So now I’m the proud owner of a stylin’ Raiders hat, and Peter is the proud owner of a vintage Kitty Cat cap. I think it has warped him already.

Peter Kitty Hat 1Here’s the side view, which gives you a better view of the awesomeness of the hat. I guess even a cat¬†hat may have nine lives.

Peter Kitty Hat 2


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Kitty Cat Hat

    1. Christine Post author

      We know Peter is brave, anyway. A lesser man wouldn’t dare wear that hat, even in San Francisco.


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