Exciting, but Not in a Good Way

Yesterday I started running the water in my bathtub to warm it up before I washed my hair, and a lizard crawled up out of the drain and started running around in the tub. This is not the first time some unwanted wildlife has appeared in my bathtub.  Last week it was one of those giant creepy potato bugs that look like miniature sci-fi monsters.  After I screamed, I picked the lizard up in a wash cloth and put it outside on our rock, where it belongs.  (Same for the potato bug.)

When I told Sunny about this incident, her reaction was, “Did you take a photo for your blog?”  Darn!  Next time I’ll think of that.

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6 thoughts on “Exciting, but Not in a Good Way

  1. Pat Bracewell

    A couple of nights ago I came face to face with an opossum in my backyard. He did not play dead, just ambled away. A photo op it was not.

  2. mary

    Forget the lizard, talk about those pumpkins! Did you do them all? I’m an enthusiastic carver. Out of town this year, so couldn’t do it, but usually am involved in a carving party.

  3. Christine Post author

    The pumpkins in the sidebar of the blog page came from one of our many Halloween pumpkin-carving parties of yesteryear. At the end of the evening we would always line up everyone’s carving and light them all up to admire how amazingly different they all look. These days, the Halloween party action has shifted to Basketball Girl’s annual haunted house.


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