Easter Traditions: Dyeing the Eggs, Etc.

Our Easter this year was a hurried, last-minute affair. Saturday night came and we hadn’t dyed any eggs. There was something sad about the prospect of Easter baskets full of stark white, undecorated eggs. So we dyed these while eating our Easter Vigil dinner at my father and stepmother’s apartment. Whenever someone went out in the kitchen, we’d move the eggs around to try to get some more exciting colors. But gone were the interesting drip effects we’d get by dripping candle wax on the eggs. Our wax-crayon drawings were pitiful rushed affairs. And most of the eggs came out pink, no matter what their official color was.

Then we attended the world’s dullest Easter Vigil mass in this beautiful church in San Francisco:

This photo was taken at dusk and doesn’t do justice to the rich blues and reds in the stained glass.

When the Easter Bunny finally hid the Easter baskets at ten-thirty this morning, he (all right, she) forgot to put them out of dog range, so our dog found them and ate most of Basketball Girl’s chocolate eggs, foil and all. He tried out a few of her jelly beans too, but didn’t like them as well and spat out a bunch of gummy green wads on the rug in our spare bedroom. Happy Easter to you too, Marcus!



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