Disturbing New Proof of the Power of Genetics

In the beginning were the Tie-Dye Pants. They belong to my husband. They used to be beige, but he tie-dyed them at family camp to make them more colorful. I really don’t think I can add much more to this photo, except to report that he wears them often. In public.

Our daughter Sunny used to cringe and blush and wish she could disappear when he wore them to her school for work days and parent events.  So imagine my surprise when she came home from the thrift store with this classy fashion item:

She wore her new pants proudly (and loudly) to school yesterday.

The funny thing is that she hadn’t even noticed any resemblance betwen her pants and her father’s. But if anyone ever tells me that nurture has a power equal to nature, I will have to shake my head and disagree.  There are some things that are just impossible to teach.

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