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Words that Annoy My Co-Workers

One would think that someone who gets annoyed as easily as I do, and is annoyed by as wide a range of topics as I am, would have a pretty comprehensive grasp of the world of irritation. But it still came as a surprise to me that one of my colleagues, who seems quite calm and cheerful on the surface, is inwardly seething with resentment against certain words. Even though I am a writer by trade, this idea had never occurred to me before. I don’t know why not — words were created by people, after all, and what could possibly be more annoying than other people?

Anyway.  On to the list:

  1. Asphalt
  2. Bureaucratic
  3. Butcher (as a verb or noun)
  4. Concussion
  5. Carcass
  6. Charred
  7. Subordinate
  8. “Fire it up” when applied to a gadget appliance.  (If it can’t be “fired down,” why are you firing it up??)

Other co-workers, it turns out, also have their own verbal pet peeves:

  1. The ampersand. (What, pray tell, is preventing you from using “and?”)
  2. Moist. (Hmm. This is one I’d rather not delve into.)
  3. The name Skylar.

These inspiring choices led me to remember my own least favorite word: verbiage.  As in, “Would you just throw some verbiage about this product in that empty space?”  Actually, no.  I would not.  Thank you.

If you know of some really annoying words, please feel free to post a comment.

Best Way to Shorten a Meeting

There is a skunk that lives under the deck in front of my company’s building, right next to the conference room. The skunk seems to be a quiet-living type most of the time–in fact, I’ve never laid eyes on it. But the other day, halfway through a meeting to choose the title for a new book, an unmistakable smell spread like toxic smog through the conference room.  There’s nothing like a good blast of skunk spray to bring some urgency to a discussion. We picked a title in record time and bolted for less smelly regions.

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