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Fabric Bluebird of Happiness

A fabric postcard made from scraps that were lying around my sewing room. Would anyone like to receive this one in the mail, with a (very short) snappy message written on the back? It’s available. I also have a bunch of other postcard blanks cut and ready to make into something wonderful. Contact me and I’ll make one just for you.

Farewell, Old Friend

I opened the kitchen trash drawer last night and found this sad sight:

I always had a special fondness for this pair of shoes, because Sunny bought them new at the thrift store for $2.99 and found out later that they were fancy Italian flats by a designer called Thierry Raboutin, flats which usually sell for $400 dollars!

Originally the shoes were grey, but Sunny got tired of that color and used my fabric paints to paint them iridescent green. When the green paint started wearing out, she repainted them this odd purple. She wore them everywhere.

Then disaster struck — one of the shoes had a heel fall off. It took a while to figure out what the odd puck-shaped thing lying on the living room floor was. Eventually we made the connection. There was an active debate about whether the heel could be reglued.

A few weeks later, I found this in the kitchen wastebasket.

I liked these shoes because they expressed everything I love about thrift shopping, altering your possessions in oddball ways, and wearing things until they drop.

So long, funky shoe. I’ll miss you.

Best New Use for a Snuggie

It’s been darned cold in the mornings in our little corner of northern California — and by darned cold I mean temperatures actually dropping to AT or NEAR freezing! (Pause here for anyone from a more serious climate to laugh.)

My minivan has leather seats. Brief rant: Who ever thought leather seats were a luxury item? They’re freezing cold in the winter and roasting hot in the summer. It makes heading off to school a shivery experience — or it did, until Basketball Girl came up with a brilliant idea: Snuggie seat covers. Problem solved! The world is once again safe for our posteriors.

My New Mandalas

My friend Maria just surprised me with this beautiful needle-felted wall hanging. How she manages to make things like this with her extremely hectic schedule is beyond me.  The mandala shapes make me want to sit down and meditate.

The Big Day is Here!

It’s the event I’ve been waiting for all year: the arrival of the annual calendar from the sewer agency. This year’s edition features then-and-now photos of the sewage treatment plant, street intersections in beautiful downtown Richmond and San Pablo, California, and fast food restaurants, among other artistic scenes.  Thanks for making my day, West County Wastewater District!



Finding Inspiration

In my creative life, I work mainly with words and with fabric. I often get inspired by just looking at the fabric on the shelves in my quilting room. I have this bookshelf full of fabric positioned so I can stare at it while lounging on the couch.

But sometimes it’s rewarding to get out and find inspiration in other places. This morning I took a detour from my usual routes and visited the local trendy shopping street, where Christmas is in full swing.

There’s so much in the shops to excite the eye — from the shiny ornaments shown at the top of the post, to this display of Father Christmas statues:

Or this wall of wrapping paper:

Or even these silicone spatulas. (I love spatulas.)

After seeing all that, I came home and started enthusiastically cutting up fabric for a new quilt.

What My Tie-Dye Never Looks Like

My friend Mary is a tie-dyeing genius. Every year she brings mounds of clothes to tie-dye at family camp, and none of them come out looking like mud, as mine always do. This shoe wasn’t actually tie-dyed, which involves blocking out the dye in certain areas by banding them tightly with rubber bands. Converse fabric is too thick to do that. She created this fantastic rainbow effect on her daughter’s Converses by squirting the dyes on freehand.

Isn’t that awesome?

Another Really Excellent Non-Birthday Present

My husband made me these cabinets for my sewing room. He worked on them all summer in his nonexistent free time, and they just got installed today. What can you say about a man who forgoes the annual dirt season to make his wife beautiful furniture?  I’m speechless.

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