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The Gingerbread Homeless Hut

One of Basketball Girl’s Christmas presents was a gingerbread house form and a lot of sugary stuff to decorate the house with.  This weekend we finally baked the gingerbread for the house.  Here’s the gingerbread dough in progress.  Doesn’t it look delicious?

And extensive taste tests proved that it was indeed delicious.  Unfortunately, the gingerbread recipe I got off the Internet, which I chose because I had all the ingredients and it looked like less work than the other recipes, also lacked a certain structural integrity. It puffed up in an alarming way when we baked it and refused to get entirely solid. When the girl bakers tried to stand up the sides, they bowed out and cracked and refused to cooperate, no matter how much icing mortar they used.  Finally, they managed to create this:

Hmm.  But after a little creative decorating, the final result looked like this:

The perfect residence for someone who really likes sugar and doesn’t mind having giant worms crawling around on the roof.

Update:  This photo just in, showing the sacrifices a cook must sometimes make for her art:

What I’ve Been Doing

Eggs Benedict a la Mary

Eggs Benedict a la Mary

Learning why Father Christmas always looks so well fed in his portraits. ‘Tis the season for feasting, and snacking before and after the feast.

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