Can Creativity Be Taught?

I’m wondering about this because I’ve been watching a British spy TV series where people are always looking intently at distant objects through binoculars.  I’ve never been able to see a damn thing through binoculars.  This is not for lack of trying.  We have a beautiful valley and a green hillside opposite our house which often has cows and people riding horseback which I try to zoom in on with the very nice binoculars we keep by the kitchen window.  But when they were handing out the genes for visual imagination, I got an almost empty plate.  Maybe, with a lot of patience, I could be brought up to a minimal level of competence.  I have to wonder, though, if it wouldn’t be better to leave the whole thing to people like my husband who can zero right in on the distant object and say intelligent things about it, like “It’s a dog, all right.”

What does this have to do with creativity, you might ask?  I’m wondering if creativity, like the ability to see things in the distance through binoculars, is a learned skill or an aptitude that simply comes programmed into certain people.

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