Best Non-Birthday Present Ever

I’m a procrastinator, and my husband is not. In fact, he’s the opposite of a procrastinator–one of those people who can’t get a minute’s peace (or let anyone else have a minute’s peace) until a project is done and crossed off his checklist. Which makes the fact that his latest project, this beautiful dining table, took seven YEARS to finish all the more remarkable. He started it back when we lived in Berkeley, then got sidetracked by moving here and rebuilding our house, barn, and apartments, then reshaping our yard, building his road, helping his mom move into a retirement community, managing her finances, etc., etc.  Not to mention his REAL job.

After Christmas it finally reached the top of his punch list. He spent weeks achieving the mirror finish on the top, which is no mean feat in the dusty environment of our barn. He declared it complete on my birthday and delivered it to the kitchen in time for dinner, making it the best non-present I’ve gotten in years.

The table is made from solid figured maple, with a cherry base and legs. I especially like these blue glass tiles. Adding them was a last-minute decision that delayed the finish, but it was definitely worth the extra time:

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