Bathtub Boy

You’d never guess from this photo that Marcus hates taking a bath.  In fact, he is sublimely unconcerned by how he looks. Dye his ears purple and his tail green, shave him so closely that you can see his pink-and-purple skin right through his fur — he doesn’t care at all.  If he has a preference, it’s for being dirty and smelly. As soon as we set him free from the tub, he races to our living room rug and tries to rub all the dirt from the rug back into his fur.

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2 thoughts on “Bathtub Boy

  1. mary

    I finally got it, that no matter that Pogo heads for the hills when I think “bath”, and that he trembles the whole time, he has forgotten it the minute it is out of confinement, and indeed rushes to re accumulate a respectable amount of dirt!


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