I live in the San Francisco Bay area with my husband, two daughters, currently ages 18 and 15, a dog, and a parakeet. My day job is writing about quilting and sewing for a publisher of quilting and crafts products. My hobby is sitting in coffee shops reading books and watching the world go by. If there’s no time for that, and there hardly ever is, I quilt for fun.



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  1. The Oldest Daughter

    “Ripening” bothers me only if whatever is “ripening” has something to do with me, in which case I like to halt the “ripening” before it ROTS.


    -Tu Ija

  2. Dolly

    I’m about to make a quilt and I would love to use your suggestion to use fleece as batting/backing. I’m so new to quiltmaking that I would like some help/suggestions before I begin. These will be “wrap yourself up and watch TV” sized quilts for my 7 and 10 year old grandkids.
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Rekha Sharma

    I would like to know how one handles alpaca fluffy batting that sticks everywhere. What is the procedure for laying it out without sticking and then getting it between the quilted front and back fabric?

    1. Christine Post author

      Hi Rekha,

      The alpaca batting I used came in a loose roll a lot like the rolls of wool batting that are used to stuff Waldorf dolls or animals. It unrolled into a thick fluffy sheet, and I laid the batt on the quilt backing and put the quilt top on top of it, shedding fluff every step of the way. I’ve seen needle-punched alpaca blend batting advertised online. That might be a less messy option. If you try alpaca, please let me know what your experience is.

  4. Beth Ossege

    Hi, Christine! I am a Brazilian Waldorf teacher and I just translated into Portuguese your article on the curriculum of the second grade. I would like to have your permission to put the article in portuguese in the blog of our school. Maybe you would like to include it in your own site. What do you think about it? Hope to hear from you soon.
    (Whatever you see in the blog of Escola Moara, I respond for it. I made the blog.)


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