A Rainy Day in Paris

I’m on a 21-day European tour with my daughter Sunny’s eurythmy troupe. (Eurythmy is a kind of Waldorf dance/poetry/inexplicable movement art that her group is performing in five different venues in Germany.)

We’ve had a lot of rain during our trip. It rained the first day we were in Paris, so we decided to visit the Louvre. So did everybody else. This had a surprising effect on the experience of being in the presence of great art. Here’s what it’s like to contemplate the Mona Lisa on a rainy day:

You couldn’t move without running into another masterwork and a few hundred people with point-and-shoot cameras, recording it all for their blogs.

Still, it’s hard to stay unmoved by the human vision that created this:

Or to realize that the Louvre has so much great art that they keep a lot of it covered with plastic wrap:

Here’s my artistic creation with her camera, taking shots for her blog:

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2 thoughts on “A Rainy Day in Paris

  1. mary

    OOOhhhhh!!! Bon voyage and guete Reise. I look forward to more updates. I heard via text from Kevin, will call him in the am Mary

  2. Megan

    Christine, I am enjoying visiting your offspring’s blog. She has definitely inherited your gift for writing and looking at the world through “Mann” eyes.


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