A Pile of My Own

Seeing all the energy and attention my husband has lavished on his dirt piles over the years has sometimes made me feel, well, a little left out. So when I drove ┬áby some tree guys who were chipping an enormous Monterey pine tree they’d just cut down, I saw my chance. I got them to bring the wood chips over here and dump them in front of the barn. I’m going to use the pile to mulch my gardens and Marcus’ outdoor area.

You’d think the arrival of a fresh new pile would be pleasing to my husband. After all, he really seems to love piles. But you would be wrong. He thoroughly disapproved of my pile. The aspersions flew freely about my plans for the pile. He even said it would COST MONEY to get those chips spread around the various places I want them spread.

Now he’s away for a couple of weeks. While he’s been gone, I’ve been moving the pile slowly, one wheelbarrow full at a time, into our tenant’s yard. At this rate, it will be gone in a couple of years. Weeds, watch out!

My own pile. It’s a satisfying moment.



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