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Winging its Way to Germany

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I finally finished the thank-you gifts I’ve been making for the families who hosted our Eurythmy group last summer during our Germany tour. This morning I took my pile of packages down to the post office. This rag quilt is going to Gröbenzell, near Munich, where we stayed for several days. The instructions for filling out the customs forms were not helpful, to say the least, so I hope I got everything right and my packages go to the right place.  If not, I hope some customs inspector will use the quilts in good health.

I’m much happier making a rag quilt with half-square triangles than I was with simple square blocks. The diagonal lines in the triangles give the quilt a sense of movement and make it seem as if I put in a lot more work than I actually did (always a key goal of mine when quilting.)



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